Emesene Messenger Portable

Emesene Messenger Portable 2.11.7

A simple, standalone Messenger clone


  • No installation required
  • Autoreply function
  • Nice, minimalist interface


  • Song display and avatar selection don't work properly

Not bad

IMPORTANT: Microsoft is replacing Windows Live Messenger with Skype. All your contacts will be moved automatically. Take a look at The Complete Guide to Moving from Messenger to Skype for more information, alternatives and tips.

This Messenger clone has been developed to be run from a portable memory device. It's also the perfect solution for those occasions in which you need an IM client and don't want to install anything on the computer.

Emesene Messenger Portable is a standalone executable file that doesn't require installation and displays a clear, slick interface that makes it very simple to use.

The program offers a bunch of the MSN Messenger options -or at least the most important ones, such as setting a personal message, choosing your status and several ways to organize your contacts, amongst.
I specially liked the possibility of setting an autoreply in case you're away. However, some functions don't seem to work properly, like the avatar selection window or the ability to set a personal message with the music you're listening to.

Emesene is a platform independent MSN Messenger client written in Python+GTK and distributed under the GNU GPLv2 license. The main idea is to make a client similar to the official client but with a simpler GUI and a nice look.

Emesene Messenger Portable


Emesene Messenger Portable 2.11.7

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